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What makes Diamond Exchange of Johnson City different?

The vast majority of all jewelry is mass-produced overseas. We break the mold that most jewelry retailers follow by making the vast majority of our jewelry in house. When it comes to jewelry, the quality of craftsmanship found in the United States is almost always far superior to what typically comes from the common factory in India or China.

Our unique business model helps us reduce cost but maintain a high level of quality. One of the first things our new customers notice is that most of our jewelry is extremely competitively priced. This is because while most jewelry stores buy from a distributor that buys from a factory over seas, we are the manufacturer. Essentially you are skipping the middle men and going directly to the source. You will also notice that the quality of diamonds we use to build our jewelry is among the best. We hand select every single diamond or gemstone, big or small, that goes into our designs. We maintain tight control over quality by doing most of the production right here in Johnson City Tennessee.

Our History:

In 1983 we opened our first store in Johnson City TN on W. Market St. and have been serving the area with the best service, quality, and selection ever since. Over the years, we've found some of the best diamond sources from around the world, talked some of the best jewelers from around the country into working for us, and trained our friendly staff to be proficient in all aspects of the jewelry industry.

Extensive Inventory:

We specialize in premium diamond and gemstone jewelry such as diamond and gemstone earrings, pendants, and bridal jewelry. We also have an extensive selection of precious and semi-precious colored stone jewelry. With our vast mounted and loose diamond inventory you can be sure you'll find the perfect diamond, no matter what your budget is. Give us a call or stop by our store and we will help you find the best diamond tailored for your budget.

Skilled Jewelers on Staff

We have several skilled craftsmen on staff and on site. They can handle any job, whether it's a simple resizing or a complicated custom piece of jewelry crafted by hand. Our phones are answered by the same knowledgeable sales staff that helps customers in our store, and emails are answered promptly.