Our Designs

At Diamond Exchange of Johnson City, what you won't find is case after case of other people's jewelry. What you will find is designs unique to our store and unsurpassed quality and workmanship. When we build a piece of jewelry for our showcase it has to meet criteria and standards that our customers have come to expect from us. We stress test every single piece of jewelry for defect before it even has the chance to be checked in and put in the showcase.

We have an exceptionally large selection packed into our showcases. If you haven't been by Diamond Exchange of Johnson City, you are missing a huge part of the designs that are out there. If you find a design that you like, but want to fine tune it to your taste, our jewelers and goldsmiths can accomplish anything (laws of physics apply).

We also have access to a large selection of premium designers and fabricators for everything that we cannot build in house.