Our Services

Repairs and Restoration

Whether your jewelry simply needs a clasp replaced or you have aged silver that needs to be restored, Diamond Exchange of Johnson City provides professional restoration and repair services you can trust for all types of jewelry and gifts. Using the latest technology and old-world craftsmanship, we restore your most treasured jewelry so it can be worn and passed down from generation to generation.

We provide the following jewelry repair and restoration services:

  • Antique refurbishing
  • Casting
  • Clasp adjustment
  • Cleaning and refinishing
  • Custom jewelry repair and restoration
  • Gemstone replacement and tightening
  • Pearl and bead restringing
  • Refinishing and revitalization
  • Remounting and rebuilding
  • Setting stones
  • Prong repair and retipping
  • Watch repair
  • Molding and recasting
  • Engraving
  • Chain soldering

Remember, in order to enjoy jewelry for years to come, it must be taken care of properly and often. At Diamond Exchange of Johnson City, we want to be the jewelry store in the Tri-Cities area that you entrust your grandmother’s engagement ring and your wedding ring to. We understand that clasps break and diamonds become loose in their settings, and our experienced craftsmen are prepared to help you.

Watch Repair

At Diamond Exchange of

Johnson City, we have watch repairmen on staff for all of your watch repair needs. We can repair most watches in house. If you come in for service on new batteries, bands, or band adjustments, it can typically be completed while you wait in our store. It is our promise that we use genuine, high quality parts for repairs on your watch; service is performed to recommended tolerances. Prior to proceeding with the watch repair, estimates are provided at no charge. Additionally, a six month limited warranty is given with each watch receiving full service.


At Diamond Exchange of Johnson City, we offer hand and machine engraving. Depending on what you would like engraved, our experts are prepared to help you decide whether the hand engraving or machine engraving option is best for you.

Wondering what you can do with your old and unused jewelry?

When it comes to making use of old gold, silver, or platinum, Diamond Exchange has many options. We have the experts and experience you need to turn your old family jewelry or loose gemstones into heirloom quality jewelry that will be cherished by you and your family for generations to come. We can melt and recast your old gold, silver, or platinum into a new design and remount your old diamonds or gemstones into a custom design we can create together or one of our thousands of already made designs that may work best for your needs.

We buy and trade All Precious Metals!

We are dealers in Gold Silver and Platinum bullion. If you need to buy, sell, or trade the worlds oldest hard currencies Gold and Silver, or want to invest in other precious metals like Platinum, Palladium or even Rhodium, we at Diamond Exchange are here to help!

There is no better time to bring in gold jewelry you no longer wear for an estimated value of its worth. This amount can be applied toward store credit, a new piece of jewelry for you or someone special, or cash in your pocket.

Whether you have a piece that was handed down from a relative or jewelry you bought that you never wore, you may possess valuable gold and diamonds that could be turned into cash.